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Is Greece becoming a third world country? HIV, Malaria and TB rates soar as health services are slashed by savage cuts | Greek Left Review

Savage cuts to the Greek health service have seen the country’s HIV and Tuberculosis rates soar – sparking fears it is becoming a third world nation.

Aid agencies said the cutting of hospital budgets by an astonishing 40 per cent had also led to a sharp rise in the number of citizens being diagnosed with Malaria. Contiune reading…

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Budapest: thoughts on December 24 | openDemocracy

Government actions regarding the poor have shifted from a course of reluctant assistance to one that began with a curtailment of rights, turned into systematic humiliation, then gradually led to an outright rejection of the poor, the criminalization of poverty and eventually the treatment of the poor as criminals. Continue reading…

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Greek economic crisis turns tragic for children abandoned by their families | World news | The Guardian

Nation shocked by stories of parents forced to give up children because of poverty – but charities warn of more cases to come. Read more…

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Paris bans beggars from most popular shopping and tourist hotspots | World news |

With the French economy in crisis and the looming spectre of another recession, Paris’s poor and homeless people are more present than ever in doorways and metro entrances. Campaigners have demanded action on the country’s housing crisis. Instead President Nicolas Sarkozy has launched a war on beggars, setting himself against Paris’s popular mayor. Read more…

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The Return Of Debtor’s Prisons: Thousands Of Americans Jailed For Not Paying Their Bills | ThinkProgress

Federal imprisonment for unpaid debt has been illegal in the U.S. since 1833. It’s a practice people associate more with the age of Dickens than modern-day America. But as more Americans struggle to pay their bills in the wake of the recession, collection agencies are using harsher methods to get their money, ushering in the return of debtor’s prisons. NPR reports that it’s becoming increasingly common for people to serve jail time as a result of their debt. Read more…

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Nestekjærlighet som forbrytelse | Nye meninger | Dagsavisen

Midt i en sykelig kjøpe-bonanza der vi i Norge bruker 10.000 kroner per hode, kommer forslaget om at medlidenhet med en tigger på et gatehjørne skal straffes. Les mer…

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Speculating with Lives: How Global Investors Make Money Out of Hunger | SPIEGEL ONLINE

In recent years, the financial markets have discovered the huge opportunities presented by agricultural commodities. The consequences are devastating, as speculators drive up food prices and plunge millions of people into poverty. But investors care little about the effects of their deals in the real world. Read more…

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