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“Food sovereignty” as a transformative model of economic power | openDemocracy

The argument is being made that “food sovereignty” is an organising principle so demonstrably strong that it has the potential to transform economic power. Can we really invest in it as the ecological principle to take us into the 21st century? Jenny Allsopp reports from the AWID Forum 2012. Continue reading…

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Lobbyists Pose Conflicts of Interest At European Food Agency | CorpWatch

Should lobbyists for biotech and food companies be allowed to make the rules on scientifically questionable products sold in the supermarket and – by default – your kitchen? The companies like the idea because they stand to make a huge profit. Yet the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) appears to have failed to properly regulate such conflicts of interest. Continue reading…

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Big Food Must Go: Why We Need to Radically Change the Way We Eat | Occupy Monsanto

It is no longer news that a few powerful corporations have literally occupied the vast majority of human sustenance. The situation is perilous: nearly all of human food production, seeds, food processing and sales, is run by a handful of for-profit firms which, like any capitalist enterprise, function to maximize profit and gain ever-greater market share and control. The question has become: What do we do about this disastrous alignment of pure profit in something so basic and fundamental to human survival? Continue reading…

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Food & Water Watch Takes a Hard Look at Market Self-Regulation |

Concerned about a recent trend in which financial interests have turned their attention to the profitability of trading in common resources such as air quality, water and fisheries, in what they are calling, “the financialization of nature,” Food & Water Watch (F&WW) just introduced a new Common Resources program that scrutinizes these schemes with an eye towards protecting these common interests. Continue reading…

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Millions Against Monsanto: The Food Fight of Our Lives | AlterNet

Finally, public opinion around the biotech industry’s contamination of our food supply and destruction of our environment has reached the tipping point. We’re fighting back. Continue reading…

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Greece’s cut-price potato movement shows Greeks chipping in | The Guardian

Greeks are pulling together and forging innovative new social and economic models to help those hit hardest by the debt crisis. Continue reading…

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The European Food Safety Authority and GM lobbyists | Public Service Europe

In recent months, the European Food Safety Authority has been criticised over conflicts of interest among panel and board members, and over the science it uses. Nevertheless, this week came the news that the European Commission has nominated one of Europe’s chief food industry cheerleaders Mella Frewen – who is also a former Monsanto employee – for a position on the management board of EFSA. Ironically, this was the same week that EFSA itself came forward with an improved policy to reduce conflicts of interest in the organisation. The management board plays an important role in EFSA – approving, for instance, its working programme and deciding which scientists are selected for the expert panels. Continue reading…

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