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Can There Be “Good” Corporations? | YES! Magazine

Our economic system is profoundly broken. To anyone paying attention, that much is clear. But what’s less clear is this: Our approach to fixing the economy is broken as well. The whole notion of “fighting corporate power” arises from an underlying belief that there is no alternative to capitalism as we know it. Starting from the insight that capitalism has become virtually a universal economy, we conclude that our best hope is to regulate corporations and work for countervailing powers like unions. But then we’ve lost before we begin. We’ve defined ourselves as marginal and powerless.

There is another approach. It’s bubbling up all around us in the form of economic alternatives like cooperatives, employee-owned firms, social enterprises, and community land trusts. Continue reading…

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The European Charter of the Commons Campaign | The Future of Occupy

Campaign announcement by initiating the campaign for a European Charter of the Commons under Lisbon Treaty Regulation No. 211/2011. In solidarity with those resisting the privatization of resources e.g., in Italy with the water referendum, the recent occupations of 2011 and 2012, we are provided a glimpse into their vision of an emerging Commons based future. Continue reading…

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Scope, not scale | Opinion | Al Jazeera English

Indeed, economies of scale work well in periods of energy “ascent”, when the supply of energy increases, but work less well in periods of energy “descent”. In these circumstances, economies of scope are needed. These types of economies are exactly what peer production (which encompasses open knowledge, free culture, free software, open and shared designs, open hardware and distributed manufacturing) is all about. Continue reading…

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Liberation and the looting of African land | Waging Nonviolence

Despite decades of anti-colonial civilian resistance in Africa, a pernicious movement of land acquisition is overtaking the continent at a rate unprecedented since the conquests of the 19th Century. In a low-profile manner, significantly more than 125 million acres of land—more than double the size of Britain—has been sold to wealthy investors or foreign governments since 2010. Continue reading…

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Susan George: Rise of Neoliberal and Undemocratic Europe | Transnational Institute

We are punishing the innocent, the people who are supposed to pay through austerity, and we are rewarding the guilty because the banks are continuing to receive huge privileges and subsidies from our governments. Continue reading…

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Beyond Goldman Sachs: the nasty culture | Comment is free |

The resignation letter on the New York Times opinion page today by Goldman Sachs executive director Greg Smith is shocking. But dozens of interviews with people working in finance in London over the past months for the banking blog suggest that it’s not only Goldman Sachs where clients are treated like “muppets” getting their “eyeballs” ripped out. And it’s not only clients that are exploited. Investment banks treat their own employees exactly the same way. Continue reading…

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Goldman Sachs director quits ‘morally bankrupt’ Wall Street bank | The Guardian

A Goldman Sachs director in London has resigned after publishing a devastating open letter accusing senior staff of being “morally bankrupt” and bent on extracting maximum fees from clients by offloading unsuitable investment products. Continue reading…

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