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The Financialization of Nature is a New Battle Based on Old Tricks | Food & Water Watch

Brace yourselves, and prepare to defend your public resources against major financial institutions as they seek to take advantage of the scarcity of such resources by profiting from them in new markets. This commodification of things that we often take for granted—resources that sustain life—is taking place throughout the world, and major investors have already gotten started on convincing the public that it’s acceptable to put a market price on resources that currently exist in the public domain. Just take a look at the bottled water industry for a great example. Continue reading…

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Gulf seafood deformities alarm scientists | Al Jazeera English

Gulf of Mexico fishermen, scientists and seafood processors have told Al Jazeera they are finding disturbing numbers of mutated shrimp, crab and fish that they believe are deformed by chemicals released during BP’s 2010 oil disaster.

Along with collapsing fisheries, signs of malignant impact on the regional ecosystem are ominous: horribly mutated shrimp, fish with oozing sores, underdeveloped blue crabs lacking claws, eyeless crabs and shrimp – and interviewees’ fingers point towards BP’s oil pollution disaster as being the cause. Continue reading…

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Gulf fisheries in decline after oil disaster | Al Jazeera English

New Orleans, LA – Hundreds of thousands of people living along the US Gulf Coast have hung their economic lives on lawsuits against BP.

Fishermen, in particular, are seeing their way of life threatened with extinction – both from lack of an adequate legal settlement and collapsing fisheries. Continue reading…

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Gas ‘fracking’ gets green light | The Guardian

Ministers have been advised to allow the controversial practice of fracking for shale gas to be extended in Britain, despite it causing two earthquakes and the emergence of serious doubts over the safety of the wells that have already been drilled.

The advice of the first official British government report into fracking, published on Tuesday, is all but certain to be accepted by ministers, with the result that thousands of new wells could be drilled across the UK. Continue reading…

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Bottled water industry’s PR battle against tap water | The Ecologist

Worried by a dip in sales, Nestlé is among the companies waging a public relations war to turn the public off tap water and back onto plastic bottled water. Continue reading…

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Greenpeace staff blocked from entering South Korea as Government cracks down on nuclear opposition | Greenpeace International

Three Greenpeace senior staff members accompanying the organisation’s International Executive Director Kumi Naidoo were today denied entry and deported from South Korea, highlighting the Government’s growing willingness to suppress voices speaking out against its nuclear energy expansion ambitions. Continue reading…

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What’s the catch? Fish firm offers island £50,000 ‘bribe’ for salmon farm site | Herald Scotland

Norwegian multinational Marine Harvest has been accused of offering “bribes” to the islanders of Colonsay to get them to agree to a controversial plan to turn their waters into a giant fish farm. Continue reading…

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