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The Financialization of Nature is a New Battle Based on Old Tricks | Food & Water Watch

Brace yourselves, and prepare to defend your public resources against major financial institutions as they seek to take advantage of the scarcity of such resources by profiting from them in new markets. This commodification of things that we often take for granted—resources that sustain life—is taking place throughout the world, and major investors have already gotten started on convincing the public that it’s acceptable to put a market price on resources that currently exist in the public domain. Just take a look at the bottled water industry for a great example. Continue reading…

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Food & Water Watch Takes a Hard Look at Market Self-Regulation |

Concerned about a recent trend in which financial interests have turned their attention to the profitability of trading in common resources such as air quality, water and fisheries, in what they are calling, “the financialization of nature,” Food & Water Watch (F&WW) just introduced a new Common Resources program that scrutinizes these schemes with an eye towards protecting these common interests. Continue reading…

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Norge bruker mer penger på å ødelegge enn å redde regnskogen | NRK Nyheter

Den norske regjeringen bruker 3 milliarder kroner i året på å bevare regnskogen. Samtidig investerer oljefondet 27 ganger mer i flere titalls selskaper som skader regnskogen. Det viser en ny rapport fra Regnskogsfondet. Les mer…

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Common Appeal for the Rescue of the Peoples of Europe by Mikis Theodorakis | Take The Square

65 years after the defeat of nazism and fascism, European people are today confronting a dramatic threat, this time not military, but a financial, social and political one.

A new “Empire of Money” has been systematically attacking one European country after another in the last 18 months, without facing any substancial resistance. Continue reading…

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Credit rating agencies: the wrong institutions for public judgement | openDemocracy

Whether the ratings agencies get this or that decision right or wrong – they were probably right in the case of the European downgrades – is not the point. They have become the buck-passing agencies for weakened states. The most important public judgements of credit-worthiness ought to be made in public institutions, not behind corporate doors. Continue reading…

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As Banks Start Nosing Around Facebook and Twitter, the Wrong Friends Might Just Sink Your Credit | Betabeat |Silicon Alley 2.0.

A new wave of startups is working on algorithms gathering data for banks from the web of associations on the internet known as “the social graph,” in which people are “nodes” connected to each other by “edges.” Banks are already using social media to befriend their customers, and increasingly, their customers’ friends. The specifics are still shaking out, but the gist is that eventually, social media will account for at least the tippy-top of the mountain of data banks keep on their customers. Read more…

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How global finance fuels a secretive and unethical land grab in Africa – Make a Difference – The Ecologist

Global banks, investment houses and pension funds are gobbling up farmland in poor countries for food and biofuels production. GRAIN, winners of the 2011 Right Livelihood Award, says this secretive and unjust practice needs to stop. Read more…

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