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30 Pepper-Sprayed Outside Santa Monica College Board of Trustees Meeting | NBC Los Angeles

At least one campus police officer pepper-sprayed a crowd protesting outside a board of trustees meeting at Santa Monica College Tuesday night after demonstrators attempted to enter the meeting room, according to witnesses. Continue reading…

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The unethical corporate subversion of Britain | Occupy News Network UK

British political elites are tightly connected and subverted by multinational companies and international financiers that reap vast financial rewards, despite and even deepening the economic crisis. These corporate powers fund governments that inflict genocide, sell weapons that are used to commit human rights abuses and destroy the environment. They are motivated by maximising profits. These global companies are using their political influence to try and silence OccupyLSX in its aims to engender social justice, broader economic equality and ecological sustainability. Continue reading…

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What the Nonprofit Sector Can Learn from the Occupy Movement? Direct Democracy as Governance | NPQ – Nonprofit Quarterly

Last year, the Occupy movement successfully ushered in a long awaited public and political dialogue about structural economic inequality. That accomplishment—where others had tried and failed—may have emerged directly from how Occupy handled themselves as a movement, using a transparency and inclusiveness that many derided at first. The Occupy movement’s inclusive methods may not have been perfect but they worked and are undeniably instructive to the rest of us working to make a more just and equitable economy/world/community. Here, then, is a reflection from an expert on governance with a discussion of what might be learned. Continue reading…

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Occupy’s Bank Blockade Victory | Adbusters Culturejammer Headquarters

For the last two months, Occupy UC Davis has been blockading a campus branch of U.S. Bank. Now, in a victory for Occupy that potentially gives birth to a new movement tactic, U.S. Bank has capitulated and permanently closed the branch.

The victory at Davis opens a new tactical horizon for Occupy. Can the bank blockade tactic be replicated across the nation? Could shutting down big banks every day for a month be the tactical breakthrough we need for May? Continue reading…

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Occupiers Set Up Camp in Union Square | In These Times

Quietly and with little fanfare, Occupiers have set up a second camp at Union Square. There aren’t any tents propped up yet, but some protesters did bring sleeping bags, indicating their intention to remain at the square indefinitely.

“We reached consensus today to try to make this a permanent occupation,” said Darah McJimsey, a 23-year-old activist who came to New York from California in November to join the Occupy movement full-time. “Although we’re aware of what we’re up against, we’re going to draw on our skills as far as being mobile.” Continue reading…

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Police Arrest 73 in Occupy Wall Street Crackdown as Protesters Mark Six Months Since Uprising Began | Democracy Now!

Michael Moore led hundreds of people from the Left Forum conference to Zuccotti Park on Saturday where hundreds had gathered to reoccupy the park to mark six months since the launch of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which began last September and launched protests around the world that gave voice to “the 99 percent.” That night, New York City police officers cleared the park, making at least 73 arrests. Many people reported excessive use of force by officers; several cases were caught on camera. Continue reading…

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Democracy: A Work in Progress | The New Everyday

There is one thing which in my experience all those involved in the Occupation sign up to, and that is democracy. If there is to be one positive goal which unities the Occupy movement, it must be the desire to bring about true democracy: rule by the people rather than the powerful. Continue reading…

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