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Rightsholders Group to Charge Libraries for Reading Books to Kids

This morning, word got out in Belgian media that SABAM is spending time and resources to contact local libraries across the nation, warning them that they will start charging fees because the libraries engage volunteers to read books to kids. Continue reading…

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Library closures protest to target houses of parliament |

With new research from Unison showing that more than 100 libraries across the country have either closed, are run by volunteers or have been turned into social enterprises since April 2011, campaigners prepared to take the battle from a local to a national level at an event organised by new alliance Speak Up for Libraries. Backed by Unison, the Women’s Institute, libraries body Cilip, authors and locals, the group wants the government to “recognise the crisis hitting [libraries] and to take urgent action”. Continue reading…

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Allt fler bibliotek försvinner | ETC – Nyhetstidningen från vänster

Var femte bibliotek har försvunnit de senaste 15 åren. När kommunerna spara läggs biblioteksfilialerna ner i rasande takt. Les mer…

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