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The Financialization of Nature is a New Battle Based on Old Tricks | Food & Water Watch

Brace yourselves, and prepare to defend your public resources against major financial institutions as they seek to take advantage of the scarcity of such resources by profiting from them in new markets. This commodification of things that we often take for granted—resources that sustain life—is taking place throughout the world, and major investors have already gotten started on convincing the public that it’s acceptable to put a market price on resources that currently exist in the public domain. Just take a look at the bottled water industry for a great example. Continue reading…

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Crisis to Suicide: How Many Have to Die Before We Kill the False Religion of Austerity? | AlterNet

If suicide is a measure of a society’s health, the Eurozone is getting sicker by the minute. The rate of people taking their own lives is soaring in Europe at such a clip that the trend has given birth to a new media term: “Suicide by economic crisis.” How has it come to pass that people would rather die than be subjected to the pain imposed by global elites? Continue reading…

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After the health bill: The end of the NHS as we know it | Red Pepper

With the health bill passed, the UK government is now setting about forcing the market into the NHS. Colin Leys looks at what is likely to happen next. Continue reading…

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When Health Care Is Downsized by Austerity | L’Humanité in English

In mid-March, the unions at the teaching hospital in Toulouse learned of an “anti-crisis performance plan.” On the menu: grouping, outsourcing of services and reconsideration of the pertinence of health care acts. It is an austerity plan that conceals its name and endangers the provision of health care. Continue reading…

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New report: From privatisation to corporatisation and the need for a counter-strategy | Fivas

The 15th and 16th of March FIVAS launched and presented its new report at the alternative water forum FAME, a counter-event to theWorld Water Forum in Marseille, France. The report explores the development from privatisation to corporatisation, within neoliberal policy on urban water services in developing countries. The report calls for the water justice movement to update and adjust its strategy, in order to counter the neoliberal tactical shift towards corporatisation. Corporatisation reform entails the implementation of commercial neoliberal management principles within public sector water utilities. Continue reading…

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Europe Inc. in crisis – the EU’s alliance with big business is a dead-end | Corporate Europe Observatory

It is now 15 years since four friends in Amsterdam set up Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) and published the report Europe, Inc.: Dangerous Liaisons between EU Institutions and Industry.1 Launched at the civil society “Summit from Below” which happened alongside the EU Summit in Amsterdam in June 1997, the report exposed the influence of industry lobbying on the new EU treaty being signed at the summit. This first CEO report uncovered the powerful role of lobby groups such as the European Roundtable of Industrialists (ERT), in promoting and shaping an EU-wide free trade area (the single market), a single currency (the euro), and numerous other major EU projects and policies at the time. The report warned that the far-reaching influence of corporate lobbies over EU decision-making came at the expense of democracy and of social and environmental concerns.

Fifteen years later, those very same problems have not gone away. In fact, the situation is worse than ever before. The corporate capture of EU policies has played a central role in sparking the deepest economic crisis for generations and contributed to the EU’s flawed response to the crisis, based on harsh austerity policies that are currently causing social havoc across Europe. Continue reading…

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The rise of Dutch neo-liberal nationalism | openDemocracy

Europe is in crisis and has been for the last couple of years. It is however not only Greece, Portugal and Spain which find themselves in volatile political and economic times. Events in the troubled regions to the south have overshadowed the silent corrosion of democratic values and human rights of countries historically considered to be at the political heart of the European project. The Netherlands is a painful reminder that it is not only Greece which increasingly lacks democratic legitimacy but that the problem is structural and widespread. Continue reading…

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