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Greek town develops bartering system without euro | BBC News

As Greece wonders whether its debt crisis will eventually spell its exit from the euro, one town in the centre of the country, Volos, has formed an alternative local currency.

It works through a bartering system or exchange of goods.

The BBC’s Mark Lowen reports. BBC News – Greek town develops bartering system without euro

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Announcement – Indictment by the Greek photojournalist Union |

The Union of Greek Photojournalists denounces the new brutal and unprovoked attack by the special police forces of MAT against colleagues who were covering yesterday’s rally in Syntagma square, as well as today’s demonstration. This time victim was the President of our Union, Marios Lolos, who is already hospitalized “for traumatic brain injury caused by strike with a police baton (skull fracture impressed) requiring surgical intervention” Continue reading…

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Gold in Greece: corporations create civil war |

A battle centered on gold mines in the north of Greece is turning violent. Because of the economical crisis, corporations are ‘buying’ at almost no cost the previously public forests and water in order to collect gold. “Greek Gold S.A.”, a subsidiary of Canadian company “European Goldfields” is paying 1600 euros per citizen to people without a real job to work for them. First job: chase the protestors who want to protect their pristine forest and water resources. Just a few days ago, hundreds of employees from European Goldfield – aided by about 30 policemen – attacked their fellow neighbors citizens who tried to protect the pristine forest of Chalkidiki and water peacefully. Fifteen people were badly injured and eight had to go to hospital. One of the defenders is right now in the hospital struggling for his life. Continue reading…

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What now for Greece – collapse or resurrection? | Costas Douzinas | Comment is free |

Both Carl Schmitt and Hannah Arendt drew a dark picture of the times when economics trump politics. Has their prediction come to pass? The slow death of Greece was a political project from the start, with politicians accepting the prescriptions of neoliberal economics. The country has become the guinea pig for the future of a Europe ruled by German capital and Eurocrats. The economic measures were planned in Berlin and Brussels and are implemented in Athens by pliant politicians. They aim to reduce violently the standard of living of ordinary people, abolish the few remaining social safeguards and create third world working conditions. Greek politics, meanwhile, has become an experiment in how to bring about the collapse of a system of power. Continue reading…

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The slow death of a country | ThePressProject

Social disaster comes in large numbers and small details. On 8 March the Greek Statistical Authority announced that the official unemployment rate reached 21% and that the total number of unemployed exceeded 1 million. A close look offers an even more devastating image of the consequences of the austerity packages imposed upon Greece by the EU – IMF – ECB troika. Contiune reading…

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