Police operation carried out in several Italian cities against NO TAV Movement | Take The Square

Yesterday in the early morning, a police operation was carried out in several Italian cities, against the NO TAV Movement. 26 activists were arrested and 15 are required to stay.

The arrests are linked to the events of July 3, 2011 at Chiomonte (Susa), when thousands of people joined a demonstration at the place where the Italian government intends to begin the construction of the High-Speed Rail (TAV, in Italian) Turin-Lyon.

That demonstration was held after the NO TAV garrison was violently evicted by Italian police, the previous week (June 27, 2011), when about 1,800 police officers fired tear gas against hundreds of protesters. In recent months, the police spent a disproportionate amount of violence against following manifestations of the NO TAV movement. Continue reading…

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