March to Paris 2012 – For a new constituent assembly! | Take the Square

Call to all French citizens: We will walk with one main objective: to be open to all in order to create a convergence in a common fight and in order to support the idea (among many others) which consists in ​​creating a constituent assembly. A statement of precise claims is being currently written, and it will be presented during the marches and discussed during the citizens meetings which would be organized by theme.

Faced with the current system, both economic-social and environmental, that has forgotten the human and the living , our duty is to have a collective response and assert our demand for change. This response will manifest through our ability to come together and converge towards a common ideal. This citizens’ initiative requires the participation of all citizens, groups, associations, etc. We need to create an event that concentrates the largest number of people in Paris with the objective that the ones who should represent us, be obliged to hear and listen the voice of the people. Continue reading…

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Filed under Democracy, Democracy movements, Direct and participatory democracy

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